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Choosing business gifts

Innovative Gifts inspiration


Selecting the right gift is very important to set the tone for any business relationship and essential to help promote your 

Business. Not only you maintain your relationship with you customers but also enhance your brand awareness and visibility. In the workplace, corporate gifts can also convey a company dedication to their employees and continued appreciation. In corporate events, the right gift leaves a great impression and a good reminder of how much guests enjoyed the occasion.

Not just any brand but patented brand which carry every company logo.


•Xoopar Limited – powerbank, speaker, wireless charger and others 

•Troika – notebook, travel wallet, bag, keychain, passport holder with RFID, pen with tools and others 

•Mili – powernotebook, travel wallet with sanitizing function, powerbank, charger and so on.

•Brand charger – Speaker, anti theft bag, RFID card holder, speaker and others

•Xperg – innovative design for notebook, wireless charger, powerbank  and usb

•Others – we cater customize product which we can arrange new mold for your company on items that you will requiring

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