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Furniture & Fixtures

high seven supply furniture and other office accessories and desktop set along with gift items 

Office furniture affects business improvement! The office style is the most important part of each office.  Of course for employees, the salary is not the only important part of their work. Even the physical design of the workplace can encourage good employees to choose your office as their workplace


Office furniture – chairs, desk, meeting tables, sofas, storages and others 


Carpentry Tools and Equipment 

•Safety equipment -  safety shoes, welding apron, goggles, hard hat, ear muff and others

•Welding equipment – bench vice, welding machine, pedestal drill press, v-block, angle plate, band saw machine and others

•welding consumables – drill bit, blind rivets, cotter pin, chop saw blade, hose clip and others

•Electronic tools – clamp ammeter analog, portable drilling machine, bench grinder and others

•Carpentry machines – precision panel saw, band saw, combined planer, wooden lathe machine and others

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